Installing LabVIEW for FRC (LabVIEW only)


This installation is for teams programming in LabVIEW or using NI Vision Assistant only. C++, Java, and Python teams not using these features do not need to install LabVIEW and should proceed to Installing the FRC Game Tools.

Download and installation times will vary widely with computer and internet connection specifications, however note that this process involves a large file download and installation and will likely take at least an hour to complete.


  • Windows 10 or higher (Windows 10, 11)

Getting LabVIEW installer

Download the LabVIEW for FRC 2024 installer from NI. Be sure to select the correct version from the drop-down.

The Download button for the NI installer with the offline installer link below it.

If you wish to install on other machines offline, do not click the Download button, click Individual Offline Installers and then click Download, to download the full installer.


This is a large download (~10GB). It is recommended to use a fast internet connection and to use the NI Downloader to allow the download to resume if interrupted.

Installing LabVIEW

NI LabVIEW requires a license. Each season’s license is active until January 31st of the following year (e.g. the license for the 2020 season expires on January 31, 2021)

Teams are permitted to install the software on as many team computers as needed, subject to the restrictions and license terms that accompany the applicable software, and provided that only team members or mentors use the software, and solely for FRC. Rights to use LabVIEW are governed solely by the terms of the license agreements that are shown during the installation of the applicable software.

Starting Install

Run the downloaded exe file to start the install process. Click Yes if a Windows Security prompt

Right click on the downloaded iso file and select mount. Run install.exe from the mounted iso. Click «Yes» if a Windows Security prompt


other installed programs may associate with iso files and the mount option may not appear. If that software does not give the option to mount or extract the iso file, then install 7-Zip and use that to extract the iso.

The menu after right clicking on an .iso file to choose "Mount".

NI Package Manager License

Accepting the License Agreement for NI Package Manager.

If you see this screen, click Next

Disable Windows Fast Startup

Screen for disabling Windows fast startup.

If you see this screen, click Next

NI Package Manager Review

Review screen that shows what is about to be installed.

If you see this screen, click Next

NI Package Manager Installation

Screen with progress bars indicating the amount of completion.

Installation progress of the NI Package Manager will be tracked in this window

Product List

Select all of the products from the list.

Click Next

Additional Packages

Leave all of the additional packages selected.

Click Next

License agreements

Accept the NI software license agreement.

Check «I accept…» then Click Next

Product Information

Next through this page showing what will be installed.

Click Next

Start Installation

Line item review of what will be installed.

Click Next

Overall Progress

Screen with progress bars indicating the amount of completion.

Overall installation progress will be tracked in this window

NI Update Service

The update service is not needed.

You will be prompted whether to enable the NI update service. You can choose to not enable the update service.


It is not recommended to install these updates unless directed by FRC through our usual communication channels (FRC Blog, Team Updates or E-mail Blasts).

NI Activation Wizard

The NI Activation Wizard

Click the Log in to Activate button.

The NI user login screen.

Log into your account. If you don’t have an account, select Create account to create a free account.

Screen so select how to activate LabVIEW.

From the drop-down, select enter a serial number

Screen for entering your product key.

Enter the serial number in all the boxes. Click Activate.

Screen details the activation success of each package.

If your products activate successfully, an «Activation Successful» message will appear. If the serial number was incorrect, it will give you a text box and you can re-enter the number and select Try Again. The items shown above are not expected to activate. If everything activated successfully, click Finish.


Choose reboot to complete the installation.

Select Reboot Now after closing any open programs.