Third-Party CAN Devices

A number of FRC® vendors offer their own CAN peripherals. As CAN devices offer expansive feature-sets, vendor CAN devices require similarly expansive code libraries to operate. As a result, these libraries are not maintained as an official part of WPILib, but are instead maintained by the vendors themselves. For a guide to installing third-party libraries, see 3rd Party Libraries

A list of common third-party CAN devices from various vendors, along with links to corresponding external documentation, is provided below:

CTR Electronics

CTR Electronics (CTRE) offers several CAN peripherals with external libraries. General resources for all CTRE devices include:

CTRE Motor Controllers

CTRE Sensors

CTRE Other CAN Devices

REV Robotics

REV Robotics currently offers the SPARK MAX motor controller, which has a similar feature-set to the Talon SRX.

REV Motor Controllers

Playing With Fusion

Playing With Fusion (PWF) offers the Venom integrated motor/controller as well as a Time-of-Flight distance sensor:

PWF Motor Controllers

PWF Sensors

Redux Robotics

Redux Robotics currently offers the Canandcoder CAN + PWM magnetic encoder.

Redux Sensors