Additional Utilities and Tools

This page mainly covers useful information about additional functionality that this tool provides.

ImGui Tips

The following are essentially handy features that come with the ImGui framework that SysId uses:

Showing and Hiding Plot Data

To add or remove certain data from the plots, click on the color of the data that you would like to hide or remove.

For example, if we want to hide sim data, we can click the green color box.

Where one would need to click to hide sim data on an example plotPicture of a plot after sim is hidden

Auto Sizing Plots

If you zoom in to plots and want to revert back to the normally sized plots, just double click on the plot and it will automatically resize it.

Here is a plot that is zoomed in:

Picture of a plot that is zoomed in

After double clicking, it is automatically resized:

Picture of the previously zoomed in plot that is resized

Setting Slider Values

To set the value of a slider as a number rather than sliding the widget, you can CTRL + Click the slider and it will allow you to input a number.

Here is a regular slider:

Picture of a regular slider

Here is the input after double clicking the slider:

Picture of the slider as a number entry