Offline Installation Preparation

This article contains instructions/links to components you will want to gather if you need to do offline installation of the FRC® Control System software.


This document compiles all the download links from the following documents to make it easier to install on offline computers or on multiple computers. If you are you installing on a single computer that is connected to the internet, you can skip this page.


The order in which these tools are installed does not matter for Java and C++ teams. LabVIEW should be installed before the FRC Game Tools or 3rd Party Libraries.


This documentation can be downloaded for offline viewing. The link to download the PDF can be found here.


All Teams


There are no changes to the radio tool for the 2021 season so the 20.0.0 version remains the latest available.

LabVIEW Teams

  • LabVIEW USB (from FIRST® Choice) or Download (Note: Click on link for “Individual Offline Installers”)


The dropdown on this page will say 2020 because the 2021 base LabVIEW version is identical to what was used in 2020. If you already have the 2020 version installed see Re-licensing LabVIEW for 2021 Season for info on re-licensing your installation.

Java/C++ Teams


After downloading the Java/C++ WPILib installer, run it once while connected to the internet and download VS Code for all platforms and save the downloaded VS Code zip file for future offline installations.

3rd Party Libraries/Software

A directory of available 3rd party software that plugs in to WPILib can be found on 3rd Party Libraries.