Sending data

Unlike SmartDashboard, data cannot be sent directly to Shuffleboard without first specifying what tab the data should be placed in.

Sending simple data

Sending simple data (numbers, strings, booleans, and arrays of these) is done by calling add on a tab. This method will set the value if not already present, but will not overwrite an existing value.

     .add("Pi", 3.14);
     .Add("Pi", 3.14);
from wpilib.shuffleboard import Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard.getTab("Tab Title").add("Pi", 3.14)

If data needs to be updated (for example, the output of some calculation done on the robot), call getEntry() after defining the value, then update it when needed or in a periodic function

class VisionCalculator {
   private ShuffleboardTab tab = Shuffleboard.getTab("Vision");
   private GenericEntry distanceEntry =
      tab.add("Distance to target", 0)

   public void calculate() {
   double distance = ...;
from wpilib.shuffleboard import Shuffleboard

def robotInit(self):
   tab = Shuffleboard.getTab("Vision")
   self.distanceEntry = tab.add("Distance to target", 0).getEntry()

def teleopPeriodic(self):
   distance = self.encoder.getDistance()

Making choices persist between reboots

When configuring a robot from the dashboard, some settings may want to persist between robot or driverstation reboots instead of having drivers remember (or forget) to configure the settings before each match.

Simply using addPersistent instead of add will make the value saved on the roboRIO and loaded when the robot program starts.


This does not apply to sendable data such as choosers or motor controllers.

     .addPersistent("Max Speed", 1.0);
     .AddPersistent("Max Speed", 1.0);
from wpilib.shuffleboard import Shuffleboard

      .addPersistent("Max Speed", 1.0))

Sending sensors, motors, etc

Analogous to SmartDashboard.putData, any Sendable object (most sensors, motor controllers, and SendableChoosers) can be added to any tab

Shuffleboard.getTab("Tab Title")
     .add("Sendable Title", mySendable);
frc::Shuffleboard::GetTab("Tab Title")
     .Add("Sendable Title", mySendable);
from wpilib.shuffleboard import Shuffleboard

(Shuffleboard.getTab("Tab Title")
      .add("Sendable Title", mySendable))