Changing the Display Widget Type for a Value

One can change the type of widget that displays values with the SmartDashboard. The allowable widgets depend on the type of the value being displayed.

Setting Edit Mode

Select Editable from the View menu.

Make sure that the SmartDashboard is in edit mode. This is done by selecting Editable from the View menu.

Choosing Widget Type

When editable right click on any widget and choose "Change to...".

Right-click on the widget and select Change to.... Then, pick the type of widget to use for the particular value. In this case we choose LinePlot.

Showing New Widget Type

A line plot widget.

The new widget type is displayed. In this case, a Line Plot, will show the values of the Arm angle value over time. You can set the properties of the graph to make it better fit your data by right-clicking and selecting Properties.... See: Changing the display properties of a value.