Known Issues

This article details known issues (and workarounds) for FRC® Control System Software.

Open Issues

Chinese characters in Driver Station Log

Issue: Rarely, the driver station log will show Chinese characters instead of the English text. This appears to only happen when Windows is set to a language other then English.


Workaround: There are two known workarounds:

  1. Copy and paste the Chinese characters into notepad, and the English text will be shown.

  2. Temporarily change the Windows language to English.

C++ Intellisense - Files Open on Launch Don’t Work Properly

Issue: In C++, files open when VS Code launches will have issues with Intellisense showing suggestions from all options from a compilation unit and not just the appropriate ones or not finding header files. This is a bug in VS Code.


  1. Close all files in VS Code, but leave VS Code open

  2. Delete c_cpp_properties.json file in the .vscode folder, if it exists

  3. Run the “Refresh C++ Intellisense” command in vscode.

  4. In the bottom right you should see something that looks like a platform (linuxathena or windowsx86-64 etc). If it’s not linuxathena click it and set it to linuxathena (release)

  5. Wait ~1 min

  6. Open the main cpp file (not a header file). Intellisense should now be working

SmartDashboard and Simulation fail to launch on Windows N Editions

Issue: WPILib code using CSCore (dashboards and simulated robot code) will fail to launch on Education N editions of Windows.

Solution: Install the Media Feature Pack

NetworkTables Interoperability

There is currently an issue with inter-operating C++/Java Network Tables clients (dashboards or co-processors) with LabVIEW servers (LV robot code). In some scenarios users will see updates from one client fail to be replicated across to other clients (e.g. data from a co-processor will not be properly replicated out to a dashboard). Data still continues to return correctly when accessed by code on the server.

Workaround: Write code on the server to mirror any keys you wish to see on other clients (e.g. dashboards) to a separate key. For example, if you have a key named targetX being published by a co-processor that you want to show up on a dashboard, you could write code on the robot to read the key and re-write it to a key like targetXDash.

Resolved Issues

Issue: An issue was discovered with the roboRIO image version 2021_v3.1 included in the initial release of the 2021 NI Game Tools that prevents successful imaging of roboRIOs.

Solution: Teams that downloaded the 2021 Game Tools installer prior to the morning of January 11, 2021 should re-download and re-install the latest installer (no need to uninstall first). The new version is 2021 f1. Users with the correct version installed will not see 2021_v3.1 as an option in the roboRIO imaging tool. Once the new version is installed, the roboRIO can be imaged with 2021_v3.0.