Romi Hardware Support

The Romi robot, having a different hardware architecture than a roboRIO, is compatible with a subset of commonly used FRC control system components.

Compatible Hardware

In general, the Romi is compatible with the following:

  • Simple Digital Input/Output devices (e.g. bumper switches, single LEDs)

  • Standard RC-style PWM output devices (e.g. servos, PWM based motor controllers)

  • Analog Input sensors (e.g distance sensors that report distance as a voltage)

Incompatible Hardware

Due to hardware limitations, the Romi Robot is not compatible with the following:

  • Encoders other than the Romi-integrated encoders

  • “Ping” style ultrasonic sensors (which require 2 DIO channels)

  • Timing based sensors

  • CAN based devices

  • Romi built-in buzzer

Compatible Classes

All classes listed here are supported by the Romi Robot. If a class is not listed here, assume that it is not supported and will not work.

  • PWM Motor Controllers (i.e. Spark)

  • Encoder

  • AnalogInput

  • DigitalInput

  • DigitalOutput

  • Servo

  • BuiltInAccelerometer

The following classes are provided by the Romi Vendordep.

  • RomiGyro

  • RomiMotor

  • OnboardIO