Welcome to the official documentation home for the FIRST® Robotics Competition Control System and WPILib software packages. This page is the primary resource documenting the use of the FRC® Control System (including wiring, configuration and software) as well as the WPILib libraries and tools.

New to Programming?

These pages cover the specifics of the WPILib libraries and the FRC Control System and do not describe the basics of using the supported programming languages. If you would like resources on learning the supported programming languages check out the recommendations below:


You can continue with this Zero-to-Robot section to get a functioning basic robot without knowledge of the programming language. To go beyond that, you will need to be familiar with the language you choose to program in.





Zero to Robot

The remaining pages in this tutorial are designed to be completed in order to go from zero to a working basic robot. The documents will walk you through wiring your robot, installation of all needed software, configuration of hardware, and loading a basic example program that should allow your robot to operate. When you complete a page, simply click Next to navigate to the next page and continue with the process. When you’re done, you can click Next to continue to an overview of WPILib in C++/Java/Python or jump back to the home page using the logo at the top left to explore the rest of the content.