Establishing NetworkTables Connections

Glass uses the NetworkTables protocol to establish a connection with your robot program. It is also used to transmit and receive data to and from the robot.

Connecting to a Robot

When Glass is first launched, you will see two widgets – NetworkTables Settings and NetworkTables. To connect to a robot, select Client under Mode in the NetworkTables Settings widget, enter your team number and click on Apply.


You can also connect to a robot that is running in simulation on your computer (including Romi robots) by typing in localhost into the Team/IP box.



The NetworkTables connection status is always visible on the title bar of the Glass application.

Viewing NetworkTables Entries

The NetworkTables widget can be used to view all entries that are being sent over NetworkTables. These entries are hierarchically arranged by main table, sub-table, and so on.


Furthermore, you can view all connected NetworkTables clients under the Connections pane of the widget.