XRP Hardware Support

The XRP robot, having a different hardware architecture than a roboRIO, is compatible with a subset of commonly used FRC control system components.

Compatible Hardware

In general, the XRP is compatible with the following:

  • Hobby DC motors with built-in encoders (6-pin connector)

  • Standard RC-style PWM output devices (e.g. servos, PWM based motor controllers)

  • “Ping” style ultrasonic sensors (only when connected to the RANGE port)

Incompatible Hardware

Due to hardware limitations, the XRP is not compatible with the following:

  • Encoders other than those already integrated into hobby motors

  • Timing based sensors

  • CAN based devices

Compatible Classes

All classes listed here are supported by the XRP. If a class is not listed here, assume that it is not supported and will not work.

  • Encoder

  • AnalogInput

  • DigitalInput

  • DigitalOutput

  • BuiltInAccelerometer


The PWM motor controller classes (e.g. Spark) and Servo are not supported. The XRP requires use of specialized XRPMotor and XRPServo classes.

The following classes are provided by the XRP Vendordep (built-in to WPILib).

  • XRPGyro

  • XRPMotor

  • XRPServo

  • XRPOnBoardIO