frc-docs supports translations using the web-based Transifex utility. frc-docs has been translated into Spanish - Mexico (es_MX), French - Canada (fr_CA) and Turkish - Turkey (tr_TR). Chinese - China (zh_CN), Hebrew - Israel (he_IL), and Portuguese - Brazil (pt_BR) have translations in progress. Translators that are fluent in both English and one of the specified languages would be greatly appreciated to contribute to the translations. Even once a translation is complete, it needs to be updated to keep up with changes in frc-docs.


Here are some steps to follow for translating frc-docs.

  1. Sign up for Transifex and ask to join the frc-docs project, and request access to the language you’d like to contribute to.

  2. Join GitHub discussions! This is a direct means of communication with the WPILib team. You can use this to ask us questions in a fast and streamlined fashion.

  3. You may be contacted and asked questions involving contributing languages before being granted access to the frc-docs translation project.

  4. Translate your language!

Publishing Translations

Translations are pulled from Transifex and published automatically each day.


Translations should be accurate to the original text. If improvements to the English text can be made, open a PR or issue on the frc-docs repository. These can then get translated on merge.