Support Resources

除了此处的文档之外,” FRC reg “ 还提供了多种其他资源。帮助团队了解控制系统和软件。

Other Documentation

In addition to this site there are a few other places teams may check for documentation:


Stuck? Have a question not answered by the documentation? Official Support is provided on these forums:

CTRE Support

Support for Cross The Road Electronics components (Pneumatics Control Module, Power Distribution Panel, Talon SRX, and Voltage Regulator Module) is provided via the email address

REV Robotics Support

Support for REV Robotics components (SPARK MAX, Sensors, upcoming new control system components) is provided via phone at 844-255-2267 or via the email address

Bug Reporting

Found a bug? Let us know by reporting it in the Issues section of the appropriate WPILibSuite project on Github: