Offline Installation Preparation

This article contains instructions/links to components you will want to gather if you need to do offline installation of the FRC® Control System software.


This documentation can be downloaded for offline viewing. The link to download the PDF can be found here.


All Teams

LabVIEW Teams

  • LabVIEW USB (from FIRST® Choice) or Download (Note: Click on link for “Individual Offline Installers”)

C++/Java Teams

  • C++/Java WPILib Installer

  • Visual Studio Code (if using Windows, run the installer and use it to download the appropriate VS Code file. If using macOS/Linux, download Visual Studio Code from here)

3rd Party Libraries/Software

A number of software components were broken out of WPILib in 2017 and are now maintained by third parties. See this blog for more details.

A directory of available 3rd party software that plugs in to WPILib can be found on 3rd Party Libraries.