Machine Learning


We are aware that you will get an exception while trying to train your model with the Jupyter notebook. The WPILib team and Amazon are working hard on a solution and hope to have something in the next few days. Until we do, you will not be able to train your models. We will post the status here as it changes, so please check back often. We are very sorry that this issue occurred and hope to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

This technology experiment is a way for teams to automatically detect game pieces and other interesting objects with machine learning. It uses Amazon Web Services to train and test, so teams do not need to own especially powerful computers.

This document describes the steps needed to use a provided set of labeled images and make a trained model to deploy on a RaspberryPi with a Google Coral. The basic steps are: create and upload your data, train your model, test your model, run inference on a coprocessor, and use that data meaningfully.

Example inference screenshot

Hardware Requirement