Analyzing Data


WPILib standardizes on SI units, so its recommended that the Units option is set to Meters.

Once we have data from an identification routine, we can analyze it using the Analyzer and Diagnostic Plots widgets.

Using the data analyzer

Loading your Data File

Now it’s time to load the data file we saved from the logger tool. Click on Select.

Selecting the existing data file

In the resulting file dialog, select the JSON file you want to analyze. If the file appears to be malformed, an error will be shown.

Running Feedforward Analysis


For information on what the calculated feedback gains mean, see The Permanent-Magnet DC Motor Feedforward Equation. For information on using the calculated feedback gains in code, see feedforward control.

Click the dropdown arrow on the Feedforward Section.


If you would like to change units, you will have to press the Override Units button and fill out the information on the popup.

Analyzing data for feedforward

The computed mechanism system parameters will then be displayed.

Analysis coefficient results