Creating Path Groups

Path Groups are a way of visualizing where one path ends and the next one starts. An example is when the robot program drives one path, does something after the path has completed, drives to another location to obtain a game piece, then back again to score it. It’s important that the start and end points of each path in the group have common end and start points. By adding all the paths to a single path group and selecting the group, all paths in that group will be shown. Then each path can be edited while viewing all the paths.

Creating a Path Group

Press the “plus” button underneath Path Groups. Then drag the Paths from the Paths section into your Path Group.

Each path added to a path group will be drawn in a different color making it easy to figure out what the name is for each path.

If there are multiple paths in a group, selection works as follows:

  1. Selecting the group displays all paths in the group making it easy to see the relationship between them. Any waypoint on any of the paths can be edited while the group is selected and it will only change the path containing the waypoint.

  2. Selecting on a single path in the group will only display that path, making it easy to precisely see what all the waypoints are doing and preventing clutter in the interface if multiple paths cross over or are close to each other.